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Fascia: The Tissue that Connects the Entire Body

We tend to think about muscles as individual units and break down their functions into individual movements. But in reality, every movement is a full body movement. We could just as easily say that the body is full of one big muscle, separated into different compartments by connective. Fascia is like a 3D body suit, wrapping all of the tissues in your body and giving it form and structure. Many muscles work together through fascia lines throughout the body that work together and aid in our movement. In walking, for example, up to 70% percent of the kinetic energy required can be 'recycled' (the muscles don't have to generate it), by these elastic fascial chains winding up, and then releasing their energy (much like an elastic band) to help propel us forward.

Learning about fascia is one way to start thinking about how everything in the body is connected.

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